Start a Car Repair Business for $15

Car Repair

How do you start a car repair business for $15? One Pakistani entrepreneur figured out how:

The business model of SK Motor Syndicate (SKMS) is simple. Be it car maintenance, repair work, inspection, trading, interior fabrication, exterior add-ons or CNG installation, SKMS claims to be a one-stop shop that acts as a value-adding intermediary between the customer and about 18 authorised service-providers in different parts of Karachi.

But why would someone involve an intermediary and not deal with the car mechanic himself?

“We provide pick-and-drop service along with a seven-day workmanship warranty. We charge customers strictly the going market rates, absorb all risks and get the repair work done from a select group of service-providers at discount rates,” Khan said while talking to The Express Tribune.

Photo by Kurhan/ShutterStock.

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