Branding Vegetables

Photo by  funadium

Will kids eat more vegetables if they have catchy brand names)?

First, the team tested the effect of positive branding on kids in their choice of one vegetable: carrots. For three days, in 5 school lunch rooms in economically diverse areas, cooked carrots were served. On days one and three, no descriptive labels were placed on the carrot area, but on day two, the carrots were labeled, ‘Food of the Day’ or ‘X-Ray vision carrots.”

Perhaps you’ve guessed that the ‘X-ray vision carrots’ won the carrot-eating contest. Sixty-six percent of the students chose the ‘X-ray vision carrots’, while 32 percent ordered the ‘Food of the Day; 35 percent ate the carrots without a sign on days one and three.

It seems they will!

Photo by funadium.

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