Female First:

If you’ve thought of something great, then well done, but it’s only the easiest part that’s over. Knowing how to turn your idea from a thought into a reality requires some knowledge of what you’re doing and of how to protect your property.

Dragon’s Den and other television prgrammes have inspired hundreds of people to get their thinking caps on and “invent” a product. But as we’ve all seen, one person’s good idea is anothers idea of a disaster.

It’s a risky business and to adopt it as a full time career you’d have to be absolutely certain your idea would succeed. But for all of you who just think you’re on to a winner, it’s either time to move ahead, or ditch the dream.

The downside to programmes such as Dragon’s Den mean the public assume if you’re an inventor you’re probably a bit mad and eccentric. If you’re applying for help with inventing or you’re looking to set up a business meeting, try calling yourself a “designer”. If you say you’re an inventor you might give off the wrong impression.

Photo by Didier

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