Dakota and Garret Porter have been spending every waking hour on their new business. The name of this new startup is 45 Parallel Lighting, LLC, and their products are illuminating the outdoor sports industry.

They specialize in LED lighting that go on things like bikes, wake boards, and surf boards. All of the lights are a part of 16 year old dakota and 13 year old garret’s new sports product line. An idea that started on a day out to the slopes.

“I just kind of started off with seeing what everyone thought of it. Going, putting them on our own boards and going to the hill and seeing what other people thought of it. So we did that and we got a huge reaction out of it and thought we actually might be able to make a living off of this,” Garret explained.

When they got home they began to brainstorm. Then they developed ideas on how to expand the business. Ever since they have been moving forward.