Niche Biz: Puppy Rental

Puppy Near Coltani   17 apr 2010

Though the idea of renting a puppy seems weird, it is part of a larger trend to do away with responsibility and permanent connections to things that require upkeep, repair and maintenance. Things, like pets, that used to require a multi-year (or decade) commitment are now available for shorter spans. It’s an extension of the idea that nothing is permanent. Just as people now have starter marriages and starter jobs, rental-able pets fill a need for a connection without requiring a much from the customer. What’s next, rentable children?

Deseret News:

For college students everywhere, having permanent pets in student apartments and dorms is usually out of the question. BYU student Jenna Miller is making international news for creating a way for students to have a puppy — at least for an hour — and not break any university rules.

“The first reason I decided to start it is that college students aren’t allowed to have pets and a lot of students really miss that, their pets back home,” Miller told the Deseret News. “I thought it’d be a good idea to get a taste of that it would possibly help give puppies a home so that people would be able to see them first and then adopt them.”

Puppies for Rent is Miller’s new business where people can reserve a puppy for one or more hours to play with in the Provo and Orem area. For $15 an hour, $25 for two, and $10 for each additional hour, a puppy can be rented out after contracts are signed.

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