Making Your Office More Productive & More Pleasant


Whether your office houses 20 employees or merely takes up a corner of your spare bedroom, ergonomics matters for all businesses. If your office is uncomfortable or unpleasant to work in the chances are that your business will be underperforming.

Making your working space more comfortable for you and your employees (if you have them) is a vital step to making your business stronger. Here’s how to do so in a few simple steps.

Heating / cooling

You don’t need me o tell you that humans are pretty sensitive to heat. In fact if you or your employees feel cold they will be more likely to work more sluggishly. Being too warm on the other hand can make you feel uncomfortable and can be distracting.

Even if you live somewhere relatively cool, if you have more than a couple of people and computers in your office, air conditioning (and appropriate maintenance) may be necessary to keep the ambient temperature pleasant.

And during the winter, economizing on the heating could well be a false economy if it means that you get less work done.

Get the right seating

There are many different seating solutions available for offices and it is easy to find cheap office chairs for only a few dollars, but investing a little extra will make your life much easier.

Non-ideal office chairs

Poor seating can cause poor posture which makes you less productive and can cause health issues – which if you have employees could even lead to liability costs in the future.

Think buying an office chair is a simple process? Think again.

Computer equipment

Again, computer equipment can vary in price, but investing extra can save you money in the long run. An ergonomic mouse and keyboard will prevent injuries and make you and your staff more productive.

Office ergonomics are important, so here are some more tips.

In addition, having two computer monitors has been shown to increase productivity substantially and could also improve the quality of the work you produce which is clearly good for the long-term success of your business.

An area to relax

Don’t forget of course that one of the best ways to make yourself more productive is to walk away from your computer once in a while. So giving yourself and your employees somewhere to relax and take a break is hugely beneficial.

All you need is a sofa and a designated area where you and your employees can relax and rest their muscles/ eyes/ brains for 5 or 10 minutes. Here is a complete guide to taking a break.

Encouraging your staff to take a break every hour or so can in fact make them more productive and giving them somewhere away from their computers will help to facilitate this.

About The Author This** guest post was written by George. *Visit his website. Thanks for reading and good luck making your own workspace more comfortable.*

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