Niche Inventions: Knot-Free Rope Tying


In late 2007, Timothy Bourke presented brother, Andrew Bourke with the idea to create a device that would eliminate the need to tie and untie knots, allowing anyone to secure (and un-secure) items when having to use rope. This was the birth of the now patented, Super Rope Cinch rope-locking product. In 2008, Timothy Bourke, who was then living in near Detroit Michigan, hired a local automotive plastic-injection molding company to help design and produce the device. Not much happened with the device until July 2010, when Timothy Bourke signed an agreement with Kevin Harrington’s TV Goods infomercial company. Unfortunately, the relationship with TV Goods did not prove productive. In October 2010, Timothy Bourke partnered with brother Andrew Bourke and began the process of manufacturing, distribution and advertizing the now popular boating and hardware gadget.

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