Invention Turns Plastic Into Diesel

Alaska Dispatch:

Back in 2011 inventor Akinori Ito unveiled a machine that breaks down plastic bags, turning them into usable crude oil. Ito’s invention is quite remarkable. It was immediately picked up by companies in Asia. The U.S., however, was not so enchanted.

But now, Ito’s magic machine has landed on the shores of North America only to find a home in Whitehorse, Canada of all places.

Whitehorse inventor Andy Lera, who “first heard about (the machine) a year and a half ago” but “thought it might be too good to be true,” is responsible for its North American debut. After conducting his own research, Lera soon learned that not only does the machine exist and work, but it may be far superior to current recycling methods.

The machine can turn 22 pounds of any kind of plastic into 2.6 gallons of synthetic diesel. It has been installed and is now running at P&M recycling in Whitehorse.

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