While You Shop Car Detailing

Wow, for once I can actually provide professional input..

Unless there’s a carwash not pictured then they’re definitely just vacuuming, wiping off the dashboard and windows and probably shining the tires and mats for the wow-factor. Takes maybe 45 minutes. It requires no skill, but you need motivated people with attention to detail. (a general interest in cars helps a lot) A few days of oversight/training to make sure they remember the easy-to-miss spots and you’re set. A few kids with driving licenses and one experienced guy is enough for a station like this.

Regarding liability: I’ve never had an issue with a simple job like this. Any rubs that might happen can be fixed in a couple of minutes by an experienced guy with a scratch remover. People WILL blame you for pre-existing damage though, but nothing has ever come of it. (at worst we’ve have to comp a bumper paintjob, though I dont live in the sue-happy States)

Since everybody’s talking about waxing I figure I’ll throw in my 2 cents. A station like this would only ever use fast wax that you spray on a car before you dry it off (5 min job) OR a cleaning wax which is a 30-60 minute wipe-on wipe-off kind of deal and pretty much impossible to mess up. Again, 1-2 weeks of oversight till they get the hang of not missing spots. Buffering or any sort of proper wax treatment would never be used in a shop like that, and definitely not outside. The 1% of people that could tell the difference from a nice wax job wouldn’t use a mall detailer anyway.

via a user discussion on Reddit.

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