Kicking Your Mower Into Four Wheel Drive

Michael Hecht was mowing lawn on his hilly property just a few years ago when he nearly had an accident. A wheel had slipped, and he couldn’t stop it from rolling backwards. It ended up going over a brick wall and he landed in the driveway. Sure that there had to be a way to avoid this problem, he developed the idea for lawnmowers to be four wheel drive, according to ABC 2 News.

With some seed money from his wife and some long months of tinkering, he soon had come up with the right modifications to give his lawn tractor some of the characteristics of an all-terrain vehicle.

Next, he had to find someone to buy into his idea so he turned to Dave Logue at bob’s Welding and Equipment in New Windsor.

“Actually, in all honesty, when Mike first started talking about it, I was like, ‘Yea. Sure, Mike. Everybody’s got a better idea,’” said Brogue.

Only Michael’s idea worked, and soon a manufacturer, Dixie Chopper, bought into it.

Next month, for just a little more than 16 grand, you can purchase the Dominator—the four-by-four mower, which will allow you to go where no one has safely gone before.

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Photo by genevieveromier

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