Shining A Light On The Eco-Revolution

The spotlight has been on green technology for a few years now. As time passes, that light is only getting brighter. Many Americans are willing to make changes in their life, one step at a time.

Eco-Revolution is helping many people take that step by offering a variety of LED and energy efficient lighting products. Through their business opportunity, they can also help people generate income by helping others make the change to greener lighting options.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Richard Lloyd-Roberts about his green business and the unique opportunity he offers.

Tell us a little about Eco-Revolution.

Eco-Revolution was created to create real American Jobs. Its founders have been working with manufacturers to bring to market the best in energy saving lighting products and to build a business model that allows Americans to go green and create a real job market within the lighting industry. We have created learning tools that any American can pick up and learn in less than a week.

What inspired it?

I have been an environmentalist for many years. Now is the perfect timing, much attention is on the environment and energy saving.

Tell us a little about your business opportunity.

This is the chance to set up an independent distributorship for LED products. Sales will be made to stores, restaurants, offices and other locations. We will do energy audits, show savings and then sell the products to ensure those savings.

What are your requirements?

None, except a willingness to learn and sell. There is an optional sample pack that would be used to demonstrate product. This is $1500.

Who do you think would be a good fit for this type of business?

People experienced with outside sales: Real estate agents, mortgage brokers, etc.

Are there any goals that you’d like to reach over the next year or so?

We would like to reach 1000 national sales people in 2 years.

What are some lessons your business has taught you?

Keep high standards and make sure that your customer is fully satisfied. Also persistence, if you believe you can do it you can.

Do you have any advice for anyone that is considering your business opportunity?

Call us and talk to us about the potential. LED lighting is the future of the lighting industry. However, it takes work to crack this market, and you should be determined to succeed.

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