The Click-It To Fortune

Alex Broches originally launched College Junkee as a way to connect Northern Illinois University students. A year later, he has rebranded his website. He now helps students connect with each other for dates. This recent change will allow him to grow his business in a big way, reports The Beacon-News.

“It’s fast and easy,” said NIU student Jack High, who’s been a College Junkee fan since the site was launched several months ago. College Junkee took this turn after Broches’ story caught the attention of Sam Yagan, the Chicago founder of, who spent a day mentoring the young entrepreneur and helping him “start all over” with this new focus.

In just two weeks, Broches — who in May earned a geography degree that he admits will probably never be used — says garnered more than 100,000 page views — and he’s even been in contact with Dallas Mavericks owner and business magnate Mark Cuban. He also has another exciting project in the works that will significantly raise the profile of College Junkee, although it can’t be made public just yet.

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