Promo Code

As more and more people start buying products online, including myself, we often notice those empty text bars in our checkout page for promo codes. For a lot of us, we just ignore it because we don’t have a promo code to use. Who does? You’d think by now most e-commerce websites would provide a gallery of useful promo codes for us to embed and try out during our checkout process.

It’s a wonder why more people don’t use promo codes or online coupons. Let’s say you need a product. Maybe it cost $50. You could save $10 instantly. Why don’t you do this? For some it’s a hassle to find a promo code or online coupon to begin with.

I’ve noticed searching for a promo code can be a hit or miss. Sometimes you’ll find an active and reliable promo code and sometimes you don’t. That’s really the main problem with why people don’t use promo codes more often: the searching for them and not knowing how effective they’ll be. This is why every smart and price conscious shopper should become familiar with at least a few premier promo code and coupon websites.

I’ve tried most of them and find simplicity is often what’s most important after having a wide selection of promo codes. Deal sites like Retailmenot and Dealcatcher cover the wide selection quite well. And most of their promo codes are readily active and still good to use. I’m not keen on spending too much time navigating a site so I won’t fully recommend them to a smart shopper.

Most smart shoppers are also time efficient as well. Simplicity is an important aspect when finding a promo code or coupon online. Users should not be overwhelmed with popups, referral links, unrelated content, or upsells. The process of visiting a site and obtaining your promo code should be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

When using a promo code or coupon website, you need to bookmark it to ensure you’re able to find it quickly when you need it most: at checkout when buying a product.

I’ve used BluePromoCode more than a few times to find promo codes and online coupons. This site understands the importance of simplicity and an intuitive navigation. If you type a keyword for your product, you find the coupon you need. No gimmicks and no other clutter.

I’m still waiting for a promo code website that can send me a coupon or promo code automatically to my phone, without searching, when I’m about to buy something. Maybe that kind of app is being developed somewhere.

You can visit BluePromoCode or DealSpotr to bookmark the sites so you can find popular promo codes when you need them the most: at the time of checkout.

Be a smart shopper and make it a habit to save money. A dollar saved on a purchase is a dollar gained.