Most people are familiar with the traditional Port-a-Potty, like the ones above. Once you’ve walked in, there are only two things to see: the toilet and toilet paper. Although basic, that is all a portable toilet needs, right?

Think again. Christine Sweeney believes that they should have a little more class. As the founder of Atlanta Watercloset, her portable toilets offer just that, reports Entrepreneur. From hand washing to mirrors, you can almost forget about the portability.

What possessed her: After having her son, Sweeney wanted something that would afford her the flexibility to be a mom, but also put her back in the working world and have control of her own “destiny, hours and scheduling.”

The porcelain thrones: There are two: the sleek and the spacious. Both come with flush bowls, fresh-water hand wash, motion-activated interior lighting, mirror, coat hook and Mrs. Meyer’s scented soap. The spacious can fit a baby-changing station. Sweeney wants to create as excellent a bathroom experience as possible, offering optional add-ons like on-site attendants, high-end hand lotion and mints, lattice fencing to “hide” the restrooms, tenting in case of rain and solar-powered pathway lights to guide guests.

Pricing: Starts at $205 per unit, plus a delivery charge that varies by location.

What’s next: Sweeney recently partnered with national franchisor Royal Restrooms, a Savannah, Ga., maker of restroom trailers. She’s co-marketing with the company and concentrating on growing her business in Atlanta.

Photo by Wendy

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