Design Your Own Stuffed Creatures

Stuffed animals never seem to go out of style. With each new generation they just get more and more creative. Now, instead of hitting the toy shelves for your next new friend you can design one instead.

Using the kid-friendly design tools on the CurlyQ Cuties website, anyone can quickly design their own unique stuffed plush toy. Children as young as 4-years-old have commissioned their own $25 made-to-order Monster designs. No sewing or crafting skills are necessary. As a customer interactively selects the color and shape of their toy’s body and features, the visual representation of their design is instantly updated in the online designer. Customers clearly see how their customized design will look before they commit to a purchase.

“We focus exclusively on manufacturing one-of-a-kind stuffies from our customer’s virtual designs.” said Stephanie Estrin, CurlyQ Cuties’ President & CEO. “Our website’s design tools make the design process easy. You create the design, we do the rest.” When a customer places an order, the transformation from their virtual design to a real plush toy begins. Every product ordered from CurlyQ Cuties is handmade-to-order in Texas. No two toys are exactly the same. All orders are shipped to customers in 10 days or less. For those who simply cannot wait two weeks to receive their custom plushie, the company offers optional rush service.

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