While putting your head in the sand and ignoring technology will do no good for your business, there are still some tech traps you should avoid. Here are a few from USA Today.

Lack of security: Your customer lists, account numbers, passwords, bank information, data, contracts, and other vital information are the lifeblood of your business, but far too many small businesses act like the threat to them is not real. But it’s real, very real. So get some great security software and install it. Implement policies that mandate that your staff not download “updates” outside of the normal process. Monitor your social media so as to be on the alert for fraud.

Looking small: No matter how small your small business, the Internet has leveled the playing field. In fact, while you may be small offline, the techno-trick is that online you can and should look every bit as big and professional as your biggest competitor.

Never really learning the software: Like the brain, people tend to use only about 10% of what their software can actually do. That’s the mistake. Software companies spend a lot of time and money studying small business and creating software to meet our needs. If you spend a little extra time actually learning what your software can do, you will be amazed.

Photo by Victor1558