Crystal Lagoons


“Live next to a Caribbean beach all year round, anywhere in the world….” The Chilean company Crystal Lagoons has succeeded in making this long overused dream cliche into reality by finding a way to treat the water in swimming pools hundreds of meters in size.

The meteoric success of the holiday home complex built in 2007 around the “biggest swimming pool in the world” has prompted unparalleled excitement from property developers across the globe. The success of the complex is due in large part to Crystal Lagoons’ place in the Guinness Book of World Records after opening the largest swimming pool in the world in San Alfonso del Mar, a small town along the Pacific coast rather lacking in charm about 100 kilometers from Santiago.

The pools have a particular appeal back in the company’s home country. Few coastlines in the world as frustrating as Chile’s: the beaches are magnificent and the sun incredible, but the water is cold – really cold. The Humboldt Current stops the temperature from rising above 17 degrees Celsius (62 F), even at the height of summer.

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