Sales Karma

640px Zwei Schneemobile

You might be able to sell snow to eskimos, but why? Put your sales skills to good use and actually sell something to someone that actually needs it, says Lishen Nair.

Salesmen of the right calibre were and still are able to generate strong sales. But their job in the 21st century is also to find a customer that fits the product they’re selling; it is not just to sell to the first person that they can convince/coerce/deceive. For too long many in sales sold people things they didn’t need or really want. Hence the generalised and unfair reputation all people in sales suffer today – consumers are reluctant to trust them before they can even say a word.

Pushing a sale onto someone can get get them to buy once and help you meet quarterly targets, but once that person realises they bought something more because of a sales pitch, flattering smile or likeable personality rather than the product itself, they’re not going to buy from you again.

Take away: Sell snow to Tahitians and snowmobiles to eskimos.

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