Inventor Hopes To Collar Dog Market

Stephen Noble is hoping to scoop the coveted John Logie Baird Award for his innovative Latch-a-Lead.

If successful, Stephen, 28, will win a £20,000 business support package for his unique design dog lead which allows dog walkers to let their pets off the lead from the handle, instead of the collar, according to a story in Scotland’s Evening Times.

Stephen, who works as a leisure centre attendant, said: “I often take my dog, Napoleon, out on my bike. Having to get off the bike to release Napoleon from the lead frustrated me and made me think that having to bend down to unhook the lead at the collar must be difficult for elderly or disabled dog owners. The Latch-a-Lead solves this problem.

“My patented design allows users to release the lead ­using a device in the handle. This means there is no need to bend down or, in my case, get off my bike.

“There are 19 million dog owners in Britain and I ­believe my invention will make a big difference to them. I hope it will replace the standard lead altogether.”

Photo by Evening Times.

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