Unplugged And Electric

Take a moment and consider the amount of electricity it takes for a band to use all of their instruments. From the microphone to the electric guitar, everything seems to need a little power.

Sean Stevens has completely unplugged the traditional band set, and plugged them into some self-generated power. Known as Sustainable Sound, his project generates electricity through solar and petal power. WBUR.org has a more on this innovative power source.

“There’s one bench that has three bikes mounted to it,” he explained, “and three people sit on it and pedal. Then there’s two individual benches that each have one pedaling station on it, and that will be wired into a central box that manages and stores the power and things like that.”

The pedal-power is harnessed by small generators attached to each bolted-down bike frame.

“Instead of the back wheel you have one of these generators,” Stevens said, rotating a pedal with his hand, “and it’s like a hybrid car has electric motors and if you use them to slow down they generate electricity, which you can then use later.”

Stevens said one person can sustain about 100 watts without breaking too much of a sweat. Five people can amass enough wattage to power a small live show.

Image from Sustainable Sound

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