Tsunami pod 002a


A houseboat builder from Melbourne, Australia, has created a submersible pod that he says can help save its occupants from the forces of a tsunami.

Matthew Duncan was inspired to work on the Tsunami Survival Pod (TSP) after watching images of the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. He realized that many of those who died knew danger was on the way but were unable to make it to higher ground in time.

“Obviously, yes the safer option is to get to higher ground,” Duncan said. “Sadly, thousands of people in Japan had no other choice.”

Using his experience building steel-hulled houseboats, Duncan created the TSP, a portable device that he says can help up to four people ride out the devastating waves of a tsunami. It features a cylindrical design that can resist the force of waves, racing harnesses and helmets to protect passengers, and a beacon for rescue workers to spot once the water recedes. It has enough air capacity for 2.5 hours.