Niche: Online Tie Rental

Tie Society

Tie Society is an online rental service (like Netflix) that rents designer ties. Membership plans start at $10.95 for one item and go up $49.95 per month for 10 items.

If you really like a tie, you can buy it at a discount instead of sending it back.

Tie Society allows you to build an Online Closet of men’s furnishing free of the typical constraints that accompany retail purchases – for a fraction of the cost. Whether you need a bow tie for an upcoming gala, a wool tie for an upcoming date or a new set of silk ties for the office, Tie Society has you covered. Browse our collection and build your new Online Closet.

We ship using 100% recyclable, returnable bags with return postage included. Exchanges are quick, easy and environmentally friendly. Please remember to open packages along the perforated edge and exchange items using only Tie Society packaging.*

I’m not the target demographic, and I like ties.

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