Niche Products: Dip Clip

The Daily Gleaner:

“The idea is that people don’t want to have their dip touching their other stuff or running all over their plate,” said the Fredericton businessman who came up with the concept for one of Progressive International’s latest kitchen gadgets.

“So I came up with these little rigs that hook to the side of a plate.”

With soft-grip buttons to secure the mini bowls to the side of any kind of plate, Madden’s dip clips come in many different colours and are designed to hold one-third of a cup of condiments or dips and even fruit and vegetables.

Although he started working on the dip clip idea two years ago, Madden said the product wasn’t released in North America until April.

Between June and December, more than 50,000 dip clips were sold, with many buyers purchasing the four-pack.

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