Entrepreneur Creates New Recipe For Oxygen

Fortune Small Business:

When an elementary school pupil collapsed with low blood oxygen levels in Orangeburg, S.C. last year, nurse Ashlyn Gray reached for a device that had been delivered just the day before.

“It arrived not a day too soon,” she says of the emergency oxygen generator made by OxySure, a small company based in Frisco, Texas.

The child recovered, thanks in part to that timely dose of oxygen. In the past, schools and other public institutions have avoided keeping medical oxygen on-site because pressurized cylinders – the traditional containers for the gas – require regular maintenance and can explode if they’re mishandled. OxySure founder Julian Ross hopes his invention will change that.

OxySure’s Model 615 is an FDA-approved device that creates oxygen from a chemical reaction. At the turn of a dial, two inert powders and a liquid combine to generate more than 15 minutes of medically pure oxygen that a layperson can administer while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

Photo by OxySure® Systems, Inc..

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