The Car Seat Lady

If you have young children, you know how ridiculous car seats are. The instructions seem to require a PhD to follow correctly. You can’t use them for multiple kids, because they have expiration dates. You’re supposed to throw them out if you’ve ever in a fender-bender accident, but you know that your UPS man drop-kicked it onto the porch when he delivered it. You can’t donate a car seat to a charity like Goodwill, because they can’t sell it.

The Car Seat Lady has made a business out of consumer’s car seat hassles and offers experienced, private car seat installation lessons in the New York City and Baltimore areas. Here’s more from the New Yorker:

Men, of course, do not give birth, but they have their own shadow form of labor: installing the baby’s car seat. This seemingly simple job has ruined plenty of golfing Saturdays, even for guys who solved Rubik’s Cube when they were younger. Thankfully, in Manhattan there’s an expert for everything, and if you’re expecting a son and have no idea how to get him home from the hospital, you can call Alisa Baer, the Car Seat Lady.

Baer, a twenty-five-year-old medical student with curly black hair and a nonsense-free manner, doesn’t have any kids herself, but she can tell you which car seats will and will not fit in your Volvo V40.

She used to make free house calls, but now she asks that people bring their seats to her. She’s also begun charging forty-five dollars per seat, because New Yorkers told her they didn’t trust something they didn’t have to pay for.

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