A Cheaper, Faster Way To That First Sell

In its early days, a product is often relatively expensive to produce and it lacks the history of growing sales that is essential to get to first base with chain store buyers.

So, how do we get sales started? And how do we get our product’s direct cost down to the point that it can sustain the huge discounts demanded by brick-and-glass retail distribution, and still turn a profit?

According to Inventors Digest, the answer is to sell through catalogs, which offer inventors and small entrepreneurs several advantages:

    – They are inventor-friendly.

    – Catalogs are easy to locate.

    – They’re easy to deal with.

    – Catalogs don’t mind if you’re a small operation.

    – Catalogs are receptive to single-product suppliers.

For more information, go here.

Photo by catalogshopping.us.

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