Fleet car companies large and small would do well to rely on firms like Breakdown Direct for emergency breakdown cover, not least because it provides you with peace of mind in the event of a disaster but because clients will also thank you for it in the long run. Part of keeping clients happy and gaining new ones depends largely on how dedicated your approach is to the quality of your fleet service and therefore your concern for consumer needs.

In need of a fresh customer approach? Here are a few simple ways to keep clients returning to your fleet management business time and time again.

Reward your clients

Rewarding your customers every now and then by offering discounts and offers is sure-fire way to keep customers engaged and happy with your service. If a customer hires a car from you for a significant time period i.e. for a week or fortnight, try offering a generous discount for their next rental booking. Alternatively, you may wish to consider sending a promotional item or gift in the post to them, along with a letter of appreciation such as a shop gift card or a spa day pass.

Respond to customer queries/problems

It may sound an obvious course of action to take in the car company business but the best way to keep clients on side is to deal promptly and efficiently with their concerns – whether this entails replying thoughtfully to a complaint or dealing with a technical fault with one of your cars. Even if the client makes demands that may seem unnecessary or inconvenient for you, try to keep in mind that the customer is always right if you want them to return.

Follow-up with customers

Rather than making a client feel that they were merely another time slot in your company’s daily schedule, it is important to follow up each customer’s experience by keeping in contact with them as this may be a chance to gain referrals or apologise for a fault. Be sure to tread the balance between considerate and invasive when following up with a previous customer -first and foremost, customers like to feel valued and appreciated.

In addition to requesting their feedback via regular email or newsletter, try going the extra mile by throwing a little bargain into the mix. A small show of generosity can go a long way, especially with first-time clients as some first-timers may come to you in distress i.e. urgently needing a temporary replacement car in the event of a breakdown or accident. Leave them with a good impression that extends beyond their experience such as a personal email along the lines of ‘just to say thanks’ and ‘glad to hear you’re back on the road’ offering a discount for further bookings or a small token of appreciation as abovementioned. Keep things personal and let them know that it isn’t all about generating another sale for your company.