TopDawg Pet Supply is an online pet supply store entrepreneurs can run as their own business. TopDawg sells over 15,000 different pet items from their own warehouse. The opportunity for you comes from creating your own online pet supply website that you promote and market. TopDawg will work with you to design a website based on the company name of your choosing, provided that the website’s domain name is available. Once your online store is set up, a process that can be completed based on your comfort level, customers will order products directly from your site and prepare for both the merchandise and the shipping. As the website owner, you need to send the customer order information to TopDawg headquarters, who will pack and ship the pet supplies directly to your customers, using your company information. You do not need to purchase any inventory other than what has been purchased and prepaid by your online customer.

There are three separate tiers of business types offered. As a free member, you are entitled to receive a guaranteed 25% discount on all of the products sold by TopDawg. This tier is basically geared towards people who are apt to spend money on pet supplies. The discounts will begin instantly once you receive a discount code. You can also purchase the items at the low cost and resell to make additional income from eBay or other online resources. This level does not include a website and the membership is free.

The second tier is the Platinum Business level that offers an average 25% discount on the TopDawg catalog of products. This level also offers a website that is customized to your business name. There is also several books included which deal with different tips for successful business and entrepreneurial issues. There is a one time start up cost and the only on-going fee is the $10 annual domain renewal cost.

The third tier is the TopDawg VIP Business level. The level is very similar to the Platinum and only differs when it comes to the cost of the supplies. The VIP level allows you to make more money because it enables you to buy supplies at an even lower price than the other business. There is a larger one time fee associated with the VIP level and the $10 domain renewal fee is also incurred on an annual basis.

The business allows anyone to sell pet supplies to make an extra income or as a full time job. It can also be used as a complimentary online store to a pet related service business you may already have such as a veterinary practice, kennel, dog walking service, grooming center, or other pet related business.

TopDawg was started by entrepreneurial types who value the independence and financial freedom of working for yourself. The company claims their support system is the reason why TopDawg is considered by many as the #1 Home Based Pet Supply business. TopDawg’s website states “There’s always a lot of research involved when looking to start a new business. TopDawg Pet Supply makes your research easy by providing you with as much information as possible about the business opportunity we offer. We know that by having distributors and website operators that understand this business concept well, will only make them more successful in the long run. The more successful we can help you become, the more successful we will be ourselves.”