A Problem, A Van and An Opportunity

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Adam Humphreys wanted to visit China, but getting a visa was a buearacratic nightmare. All wasn’t lost though, because Humphreys found a business opportunity. NPR shares his story:

It started simply enough. Adam found out he needed a visa to travel to China. He went online. Filled out a long, complicated form. And Adam showed up at the Chinese Consulate only to find out that he had filled out the wrong form.

“Can you help me?” he said.


“Do you have a printer I can use?” he tried.


“Where’s the nearest Internet cafe?” he asked.

“At the Burger King.”

Apparently there is an Internet cafe a half-mile away from the consulate in the dining room of a Burger King.

So Adam walked over.

“And I saw inside the Burger King,” he says, “that every single one of their computers was dedicated to the same Chinese PDF.”

So Humphreys rented a van and outfitted it with laptop computers and a couch and parked it outside the Chinese consulate. His business, Mobile Visa Consultant NYC was up and running.

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