Having trouble keeping your dog safe from zombies? Worried about the wandering undead messing up your neatly manicured lawn?

A regional hardware chain with nine stores in Omaha, Council Bluffs and Lincoln is tackling those challenges — and plenty of other zombie-related concerns — with an advertising campaign that’s catching the attention of local customers as well as zombie enthusiasts from around the world.

Westlake Ace Hardware’s Zombie Preparedness Center, which was dreamed up by the Omaha public relations and advertising agency Bozell, was rolled out last week. In area stores, workers put up how-to posters (“A Human’s Guide to Zombie Preparedness,” for example, offers tips on purchasing the right power tools, cleaners and door locks to keep zombies at bay) and handed out “Zombie Prepared” buttons. On the company’s website, “zombies” was added to a list of store specialties, alongside more standard topics like “fasteners” and “Benjamin Moore paint.”

Photo by Chris Harvey/ShutterStock.