Not everyone can afford to own a sports team, but — thanks to Darren Thompson — owning a piece of the Toronto Maple Leafs may become a reality, reports

So far, Thompson says he has attracted 7,000 pledges with a value of $100 million, and that progress helped create a favourable impression after meetings with ownership representatives on Tuesday.

“We had some conversations with stakeholders and if we get into the ballpark of what a bid should be, then they will entertain our bid,” Thompson said.

The financial aspect of Thompson’s plan is to have one million Canadians pledge $1,000 each, which would get his plan a $1 billion sum needed to seriously enter the bidding process for the team.

With the proper backing from banks — Thomson said he will be discussing the feasibility of common shares as one possible way to represent so many potential “owners” — and other institutions, Thompson said he hopes to return to the stakeholders sometime after the Stanley Cup final in June with a legitimate bid.

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