Great Urban Footrace

Great Urban Race

Joe Reynolds is a former cross-country athlete and house painter who’s love for marathon running but dread of miles and miles of endless pavement drove him to create the Great Urban Race in 2007. Great Urban Race is a wild urban adventure. Teams of racers travel somewhere between four to eight miles, solve twelve clues and complete exciting mental and physical challenges.

  • Racers are allowed to travel only by foot or by public transit. Teams may not use any form of private transportation, or accept any rides.
  • The distance of the race depends on the route you take. Think 4-8 miles on your feet or by transit, maybe less, maybe more. It’s up to you and depends on the route you choose!
  • You will be presented with a variety of challenging and unique tasks! Below are basic descriptions of clues you may encounter. Check out the Clues (hyperlink) page for specific examples!

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