Do you enjoy flavored water? I do. I carbonate water at home and add a drop of two of lemon or berry flavoring nearly every day. Would I flavor my water with meat? I’m not sure. Luckily, if I’m ever in the mood for some Texas BBQ in a bottle, MeatWater has me covered.

You know how those artificially scented candies claim to have all the goodness of real fruit? Well, Krautkrämer’s MeatWater High Efficiency Survival Beverage is something exactly like that, only with a much more nutricious name. Created by Liquid Innovations, the energy drink apparently offers you much higher protein content than other potions available in the market, and in a wide range of mouthwatering flavors. It even has concoctions that hold in them tastes of a whole meal, e.g. Basic Breakfast that contains flavors of a simple egg, bacon, and buttered toast, which isn’t all that bad except for the obvious fact that you get be bombarded with all the flavors all at once and that too in a delicious liquid form!

“Breakfast is the fastest growing business segment in the high efficiency survival category. We’re raising the bar by introducing a fresh, moist and delicious, premium-quality breakfast menu,” said Meatwater’s Chief Executive Officer and President Till Krautkrämer. “We believe it’s a faster breakfast, and the positive consumer reaction that we’ve received so far is overwhelming.”

The beverage line also has a number of dinner-flavored drinks that are made to taste like Cheese Burgers, Beef Jerky, Texas BBQ, Fish ‘n Chips and Dirty Hot Dog. Over 25 flavors so far, spanning basic meal options such as Breakfast, Sandwiches, Dinners, and now even Midnight Snacks