Man Cave: A Party Business for Men

A reader wrote:

I just received an invitation to a Man Cave MEATing. What is it?

Glad you asked. Man Cave is a sales party business for men. As Man Cave explains on their website: “Thousands of companies demonstrate and sell products to groups of women in their homes. Man Cave is finally doing it for men. It’s about damn time.”

Here’s more from their website:

How does it work?
An individual decides to host a MEATing and invites others to attend. A Man Cave Advisor also attends the MEATing, bringing his expertise and an ample supply of free meat to grill for everyone. And not just meat you can get at the grocery store – we’re talking all-natural buffalo steaks, jalapeno cheese stuffed chicken breasts, over 30 premium brat flavors and more from the highly acclaimed The Kings Stock meats. A MEATing can revolve around a grilling demonstration, poker tournaments, a big sports game, or any other reason for guys to hang out.

What Does Man Cave Sell?
Man Cave sells only the highest quality products, including grilling tools and accessories, premium meats, wood chips and planks, grilling spices, rubs and marinades. We also carry a large array of products for every man’s personal cave, including poker products and home bar accessories. Man Cave products are backed by a lifetime guarantee and are competitively priced so every man can enjoy them. All of our products are sold exclusively through Man Cave Advisors.

Man Cave was also recently featured on Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t! on Showtime.

A promotional video is available after the jump.

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