When That Crazy Idea Hits, Run With It

According to Women Entrepreneur, Julie Hall knew her entrepreneurial time had come. Here’s how she did it.

Through my passion for buying and selling estate items, I uncovered a huge, unfilled niche.

My elderly clients had too much stuff in their homes. They needed help downsizing when they moved into assisted-living facilities or made decisions about who gets what after they die.

Their boomer children needed help handling their estates after death. They didn’t know what to keep, what to sell or donate, and, more important, they didn’t know what things were worth.

Just by listening to clients, I developed a turnkey company that handles all such needs: liquidation, appraisal, brokering, emptying the residence, consultation services–a one-stop shop.

One of the first lessons you learn as an entrepreneur is that while there are a multitude of resources out there for you, ultimately you are on your own.

This can be an isolating feeling, and you learn quickly what you are made of. It takes great strength and stamina to fulfill your dream, not to mention the patience and support of those closest to you.

More than that, it takes tenacity of the spirit, a positive mind-set when you feel like crumbling and crying (and yes, it will happen), and the ability to get back up after you’re knocked down.

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Photo by Julie Hall.

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