Oman Tribune:

According to Umer Farooq, an inventor and author of ‘Limitlessness’, the invention of the super efficient permanent magnet, if scientifically explored, can rid the entire world of high cost of energy.

Farooq claimed that the newly developed magnet and the device that measured its efficiency were ready to be examined.

He said this new type of magnetic interaction would be used in permanent magnet electric motors.

These motors will need at least 50 per cent lesser inputs in comparison with existing electric motors.

On the other hand, he maintained, mechanical output of these motors will not be reduced and would be maintained at the same level.For example, he said, if an existing electric motor uses 10 horsepower electric energy and its mechanical output is nine horsepower, electric motors comprise upon super efficient permanent magnet will need only five horsepower input of electricity, while the mechanical output of this motors will remain nine horsepower.

Photo by espensorvik

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