Nmctoys.com (NotMadeinChina) sells toys that aren’t made in China.

There was much news regarding the quality and safety of toys produced in China during the summer of 2007. We walked through the toy department of big box retailers and could not find a toy produced outside of China. Gone were the wooden blocks, dolls and wooden trains we played with as children. These toys were replaced with cheap plastic toys that had character ties to movies and cereals. We then turned to the internet and were frustrated by the lack of alternatives and lack of country of origin information. We experienced first hand the frustration and angst associated with taking away our child’s favorite toy that was recalled and we routinely threw away toys within a few days or weeks of purchase due to poor quality. These experiences led to the development of NMCtoys.com.

NONE of the toys found in NMCtoys.com are Made in China. When it comes to our own home we choose to keep Chinese Made Toys out of our childrens’ hands. Many of the toys in our home wind up in our childrens’ mouth and we did not want to gamble with their future.

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