Bike Fixtation 1

Bike Fixtation is a self-service kiosks bicycle repair kiosk. The vending machines offer tubes, patch kits, use of adjustment tools and even access to a pump to fill up your tires. Each self-service Bike Fixtation kiosk features:

  • Universal bike mounting system for on-site repairs
  • Aircraft cable tethered bicycle repair tools
  • Self-contained tire-inflation system compatible with presta and schrader valves
  • Snacks and beverages

More info about the machine:

In our recommended configuration it holds 38 unique products on 6 different rows. That’s 398 individual products! It has a refrigeration unit and optional heater to maintain proper temperature so it can dispense drinks along with snacks and bicycle products inside and outside. It can take payment through coins, bills, and even credit cards. Inventory and sales information is accessible online, so you can know when and what to bring before restocking the machine. Its most admirable feature however is its resistance to vandalism. The machine has a triple pane layer of glass protected by a layer of durable polyurethane. It has heavy-gauge steel reinforcement panels throughout and a dual locking mechanism for the front door.

You can contact Bike Fixation for pricing and additional options at (612)-568-3498 or [email protected].

More photos below.

Bike Fixtation 2

Bike Fixtation 3