Alcoholic Cupcakes: Tipsy Bakery

Photo by clevercupcakes


Do you need a liquor license to sell booze-laced cake?

That’s one of the questions local entrepreneur Frankie Murphy is wrestling with as she prepares to launch her new business Tipsy Bakery.

Murphy, 24, said she got the idea, ironically, from her mother.

“On my 21st birthday my mom made me a Jello-shot cake,” Murphy said. “That’s Jello with alcohol in it poured onto the cake. It was fantastic.”

Murphy began exploring the idea of selling high-octane cakes and cupcakes and concluded Springfield would be an ideal market for the 21-and-over treats.

She envisions her product will appeal to college students and adults who enjoy good and interesting food.

She thinks Tipsy cakes would be particularly popular at bachelorette parties.

Alcoholic cupcakes for bachelorette parties? I think we have a winning business idea.

Photo by clevercupcakes.

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