Food trucks are hitting the streets from Miami to Maui but greasy reheated tacos and soggy burgers are a thing of the past. Today’s mobile eateries have foodies flocking for gourmet bacon jam burgers, delicious Parisian-style crepes, and decadent handcrafted organic ice cream cones just to name a few. A less expensive alternative to opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant, food trucks, food trailers, food carts, and even food bicycles can be started by anyone whether you’re a trained chef or an amateur baker. If you’ve ever dreamed of jumping on the food truck bandwagon Food On Wheels: The Complete Guide To Starting A Food Truck, Food Cart, Or Other Mobile Food Business by Jennifer Lewis, will provide you with all the information necessary to get you on the road. Highlights include:

  • Understanding all the startup costs and sources for purchasing or leasing your kitchen on wheels;
  • Building a business plan that will guide decision making and set you up for success;
  • Scouting locations for optimal visibility and sales;
  • Calculating your true product costs and how to price your menu in a way that will be profitable;
  • Connecting with customers inexpensively by using traditional marketing tools and social media to keep them coming back for more; and
  • Appendices containing detailed worksheets that clearly walk you through the financial side of the business and comprehensive lists of resources and business licensing offices broken down by state and territory.