Weird: A Restaurant for Plants

You can’t get a seat at a new restaurant in Sacramento, California unless you have roots and live in a pot. The Photosynthetic Restaurant serves filtered sunlight in various combinations to to plants. Wired has the story:

“My recipes are all based on the scientific study of plant physiology, applied to the fine art of cuisine,” Keats told “I’m publishing the recipe book so gardeners everywhere can prepare gourmet sunlight for their plants at home. For people who are lazier, or keep only a few plants indoors, I packaged my signature recipes for easy consumption by videotaping select wavelengths of natural sunlight and editing them into a quick and convenient TV dinner.

“I tried it out on my plants at home, and as far as I can tell, they responded well to my delectable mixtures of orange, violet and yellow, although I can’t be certain,” he added. “Cuisine is a form of communication, and mine won’t be complete until plants evolve a mechanism for food criticism.”

The Photosynthetic Restaurant will be open April 16 – July 17 at the Crocker Art Museum.

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