How To Position Your Brand For The Right Audience

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Creating a solid brand identity is all about engaging and winning the loyalty of your target market. You may know your business inside and out, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily know how to market it effectively to the right audience.

In this article, we will identify some of the key aspects of finding the right audience for your business and positioning your brand to to convert them into customers.

Know Your Target Market

The first step in positioning your brand is to know who your target market is, there is no point in marketing baby boomers if your target market is Generation Y. Research is the key here, take the time to read everything you can about the market you are targeting – what their aspirations are, what their values are, what they look for in a service or product.

Create a picture of your ideal customers – how old are they? Are they male or female? What job do they do? What income bracket are they in? Try to gather as much information about your existing customers as possible, you can do this by utilizing market analysis tools provided by websites like Facebook or using customer feedback forms.

Once you have identified and segmented your existing customers you can start to identify target markets you aren’t reaching and begin to target them.

Know Your Competition

To position your brand effectively you have to know who you are competing against for your customers’ business. Finding out where your business sits in the current market is the first step in carving out your own segment of customers to your brand message to directly and effectively.

This is where engaging the services of a dedicated marketing company, such as can offer you a real edge in the complex landscape of modern marketing.

If another company in your field is focusing their efforts on attracting the high-income segment of the market, you might find that there is a whole middle segment that is being ignored and by tailoring positioning your brand to engage these customers, you mind find that they are more profitable then you think.

Create a Solid Brand Identity

Once you have worked out your target market, and your position in the marketplace, you have to create a brand identity that your target market can identify with. Creating a Solid brand identity is all providing a consistent experience for your customers, this means keeping your logo, typography and “look” the same in every area in which you come into contact with your customers.

But brand identity is not just about looks, it’s about giving your customers a consistent level of quality service, if you can master this you will garner brand loyalists that will stick with your brand and and help build it by word of mouth and recommendations.

**Start a Conversation with Your Target Market **

With the internet, there are endless ways to interact with your target audience, it is all about creating and ongoing conversation with your customers. Gone is the broadcast model of marketing where you blast a wide audience with your message.

Nowadays you have to interact with your customers and potential customers by offering them quality information and content and asking them to give you feedback and offer their opinions, this two-way street of communication is crucial in cementing customer loyalty and improving perceptions of your brand as helpful and evolving to fit customers needs.

By following these simple tips, you will have a head start on the competition and be able to find where your brand sits in the marketplace and talk directly to your target audience in a way they can relate to. A key part of this process is researching and identifying new audiences to target your brand message too and increase your marketing reach.

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