You Really Need To See This Business


A couple days ago I first told you about the interesting little side business that I’d stumbled into selling machines that automatically grow barley fodder for animal feed.

Since then, I’ve sold another $4,000 of fodder growing systems locally and I’ve received more orders, that I can’t fill, from across the country, all without spending a single dime on marketing.

I really need you help.

But, I haven’t heard back from you.

What questions can I answer for you?

Here’s a question I know you probably have:

If you’ve Googled “barley fodder”, you’ve no doubt seen videos and pictures of systems that other people have built to grow their own. They look easy enough, don’t they? And if they’re so easy to build, why do people keep buying them from me?

The answer is, it is easier to spend money on something that they know will work (my system) than on something that they have to build themselves that may, or may not, work.

Here are a couple more:

If I’m having such good luck selling fodder systems, why do I need you?

I build my fodder growth systems by hand, with off the shelf components I buy at big box stores (like Walmart). They’re light, but big and bulky. It isn’t really possible for me to ship them without completely obliterating my profits.

Plus, for all but the smallest of my systems, I go out to each and every one of my customer’s homes and set everything up. The process of putting everything together is incredibly simple, and takes maybe ten minutes, but my presence is a huge part of the business. It’s reassuring. It takes all the pressure off of the customer to ensure that everything is functioning correctly.

And in this day and age of one-click faceless online shopping, there’s something quaint and old fashioned to the whole thing — just like people who raise their own chickens, goats and pigs. That’s why my customers pay $300 for something that costs about $105.

How hard is it to sell?

Selling fodder machines is easy. If someone is spending a two hundred dollars on animal feed per month, and I can reduce that to $28, it’s a no brainer. Once they understand the numbers, I’ve yet to have someone tell me that my selling price is too high.

So, please, what’s stopping you?

Contact me and let’s get started.

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