Entrepreneurial Worm Farming

Photo by JPascalBeaudoin

Mother Nature Network has an interesting interview with worm wrangler Bentley Christie of RedWormComposting.

Bentley Christie is a blogger, entrepreneur and composting worm guru. The father of two lives with his wife, children, two cats and “a bazillion” red wiggler worms in Ontario, Canada, where he spends his time running his business Red Worm Composting, blogging about vermicomposting, and producing video courses on the subject. He’s also a passionate gardener with a particular fondness for giant sunflowers.

Christie studied science in college but decided he wanted to strike out on his own into the world of worm composting. I have known Christie for years in my capacity as an environmental blogger, and I’ve always been a fan of his writing and his business. In fact, my worms come from Red Worm Composting.

Good interview if you’re at all in professional vermiculutre (worm farming).

Photo by JPascalBeaudoin.

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