As Kim Stoegbauer discovered, a strong passion is sometimes enough to help set the entrepreneurial spark. It was that spark that helped lead her from real estate to party planning and decorating, reports My Fox Phoenix.

That was 2 1/2 years ago and now she’s built a thriving business that has caught the attention of many.

“It’s been kind of crazy actually, I had the opportunity to meet Martha Stewart inn the last few months and attended a couple of her events in New York and also I am working a lot with HGTV..I am now blogging for them once a week on entertaining..where it’s evolved to,” she said.

For all of us that want to be like Kim, she has an online store.

“It’s now all digital. When I first started, I was making everything, but the demand from the day I started was so great and it went up and up and up and I couldn’t handle it and so I closed down to regroup and opened up as a digital shop, meaning we create the designs and templates, format it for you with your invitation text and then we e-mail it to the customer. They print, cut and assemble and create the party,” she said.

By doing it this way, there is little cost to her customers. She offers printable designs for as little as $5.99.

Screenshot from The TomKat Studio