If you’ve ever had to use caulking at one time, you’re probably familiar with how easily it dries up within the tube. Sean Dubé also noticed the problem, but he decided to create a solution. It is called SmartCap. By October, his invention will be in over 500 stores across Canada.

SmartCap is a small, reusable cap that prevents tubes of caulking from drying out.

“I was just absolutely tired of going to use leftover tubes of caulking (and having it be) rock solid,” he said. “It just prevents your tubes of caulking from drying out.”

Dubé also recently acquired a patent on the product and said he’s working on getting a trademark on the name.

This is Dubé’s first invention.

“It feels great to start off with absolutely nothing of a product … and get to the point of marketing, packaging and seeing it in the stores,” he said.

Dubé said the invention of the product has not cost him a lot of money, only the tubes of caulking and material for SmartCap.

He said the most “challenging” part of the process was testing the product in its early stages to see how long the tube of caulking would remain usable. So far, he’s had a tube of caulking, capped with SmartCap, for 30 months and the caulking still flows freely from the tube.

Photo from SmartCap