Purses from Old Boots

Seems that today, you almost resell anything if you turn something old into something chic:

Three retired sisters have found a way to give old boots new life by turning them into stylish purses of all shapes and sizes.

Gayle Maloney, Debra Fink and Vicki Mabery say they’ve been avid readers of a national magazine called Mary Janes Farm for years. When they saw an idea in the magazine to make old boots into a new purse they decided to give it a try.

“My husband had an old pair of boots 20 years ago and he was throwing them out and I thought what a shame because the tops are so beautiful,” Gayle said. “If only we could find something to do with them. When I saw the article in there I called up Deb and asked if she had seen the article and she said ‘I think we could do that.’ So we got together and started making a few and sold them to friends and made a few more and sold them to friends.”

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