There’s no point in setting out as an entrepreneur if you don’t know the basics of business. After all, no-one will know about your great idea if you don’t invest some time and effort into the financial and marketing side of things. But what if your great idea is business itself? Many people have seen great success simply by coming up with new business models and strategies which they have used to make money by giving advice to companies in dire need of guidance.

Savvy Marketing

If you have a great business idea and what to set out as a business entrepreneur, there’s no better way to do this than by setting up your own website. Sure, you will also need to put in the groundwork; meeting clients, pitching ideas, perhaps even running seminars. But without a business website you will not be able to market your business model as effectively or efficiently as you would like.

Great business websites aren’t just showcases for ideas and products. They also function as extended e-commerce platforms, by encouraging potential clients to invest in the products or services that the website is advertising. These could be ‘real-life’ items such as clothes or hardware, or the product in question could simply be yourself and your business ideas.

Attending to the Fundamentals

Before you start out as a business entrepreneur, you will need to make sure that you have all your ducks in a line. This may mean having to register as a small company, or obtaining all the documents you need to fill out your own tax returns. Alternatively, you could leave all the hard stuff up to a contracting company such as Network One Limited, who will take care of your admin whilst you strike out on your own.

The Bare Bones of Webhosting

To begin setting up your website you will need a domain name and host provider. A hot tip is to never purchase these items from the same provider, as by keeping them separate you will be able to change hosting companies, without any disruption of service, in the event that you find a better deal elsewhere.

The majority of people who have never operated a website before will choose to utilise the services of a one-click installation platform that comes with a whole host of easy-to-access options. The most widely preferred of all platform types is WordPress. Not only does WordPress make it easy to install your website, but they provide an extensive range of free website designs and advice to make it easy for beginner webhosts to get started.

Fill Your Website with Content

Once you’ve set your website up you should make sure it properly showcases you and your services in the very best possible light. Anyone who comes across your website will assess it based on the clarity of its content, its aesthetic appeal, and its ease of navigation. Top tips include providing clear contact information and including images which will draw your prospective clients in visually. Dedicate a page to showcasing your business ideas, but don’t go into too much detail. After all, your website should be about tantalising your future clients, without giving away your entrepreneurial ideas.