“Some people ask, well where do you work? I say I work at Just Cakes by Renee, they say oh where’s that? Oh that’s mine i own that…like that’s my business, said Woodard in her mother’s kitchen, I didn’t realize at first how big it was to be my age.”

She became an entrepreneur at the age of 19 and says baking is something she fell in love with years ago.

“Ever since I was little I would always stare at the food network just in a daze, mom can we make that? Mommy can we make that? And even as I got older and I was able to help out in the kitchen I would ask my grandmother, can I help make the dessert? I’m not really into making the food, that’s more of my mom’s side, I just wanna make desserts,” said Woodard.

“Just Cakes by Renee” has become a favorite, whether its for a football fan, baby shower or a bride’s big day, the orders are steady.

Woodard says, “Now I do a standing birthday order at Blue Cross Blue Shield I have a standing order for Killian Elementary for their award ceremony, so its grown vastly.”