A Different Type Of Milk Bottle

How long does it take the plastic jug in your fridge to break down? Green Bottle has produced an alternative option which can be recycled or added to a compost. Best of all, it only takes approximately 5 weeks to decompose, reports The Random Forest.

Martin Myerscough realized that he was sitting on an immense idea when his son brought a papier mache balloon from school. He stated that the price and the speed of production for making these paper bottles is comparable to plastic bottles.

Green Bottle was funded with £4.5 million from private investors and advertising agency Mother, and is attempting to raise £1 million more from new investors. Green Bottle will attempt to produce a billion bottles in three years.

Currently, the company has a deal to supply the milk bottle, starting with 15 Asda stores, which is just the starting point before their nationwide release in supermarket chains later on in the year.

According to the managing director of Green Bottle, Andy Brent, he was pleased to join the starting phase of the company since “it was probably the best consumer idea I’ve ever seen in my career.”

Screenshot from Green Bottle

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